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So this is me. At home and ok. My mum and dad are the best (mum and… - My heart is mine to give to whom I will
..and I have the Gift of a Mortal Life..or choose to fade with the Grey Ships.

Date: 2008-11-01 17:14
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So this is me. At home and ok. My mum and dad are the best (mum and dad). Not husband and wife!! Thats OK. Thanks - all!!!! my friends who've supported me!. I'm still here and struggling - with u. xxx.
Im ok but life is lonely.
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Date: 2009-01-19 02:34 (UTC)
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Hi, B. - sweetheart!!
Thanx SO much for your messages!
Sorry I've been so bad at checking my mail - but I always think so much about my online friends and I'm SO touched you remember me - coz I remember and DO think about U SO often. Im OK. Things are still tough with my family and I'm struggling to find a good home for myself at the moment. Its hard, but my folks love me and even though we're all a bit at sea there is life ahead. Dad is good and is getting on well - he is helping Mum sell our house - and Mum is hoping to be able to buy a flat close by her friends. - I've been in and out hospital with my eating disorder - just (-Ha - only slightly low weight) - and a couple of fainting induced injuries but I'm feeling like I CAN do more for myself and I'm going to get my own flat / apartment - in my local town soon.
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